Richmond-Eid-2013By Laura Kebede, Richmond Times-Dispatch

About 1,500 Muslims from around Virginia gathered at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on Thursday morning to end the month-long fast of Ramadan. The worldwide ceremony Eid al-Fitr, which includes prayer, teaching and eating with family and friends, marks the end of fasting from food and drink from sunrise to sunset that started July 9 this year.

Virginia Muslims from Sudan to Pakistan and beyond wore traditional garments to the ceremony and took pictures with family and friends before and after prayer. Don Mark, who represented Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ multicultural office, said all economic, cultural and faith groups should have access to resources in Richmond.

“(The mayor) is wide open to all communities,” he said. “Together we can build the best Richmond.”

The month of fasting is also a chance for families and individuals to cleanse their body, mind and spirit, said Luqman Jaaber, Virginia Union University men’s basketball coach. (Read the full article)

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