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By publicly and vocally speaking about the American Muslim children and families they know, allies””leaders as well as everyday people who are not American Muslims themselves””have done an enormous amount to promote understanding of American Muslims’ lives.

An ally can show support for American Muslim friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, family members and others in a wide variety of ways.

The best way is to take every opportunity to speak publicly and vocally – through letters to editors, Op-Eds, interviews, speeches, etc. – about the lives, contributions, hopes and dreams of American Muslim families and children they know.


Take 10 minutes to e-mail editors of national newspapers and call-in to radio shows. We’ve made it easy! CLICK HERE for key messages to use. CLICK HERE for templates of language to use. CLICK HERE to find e-mail addresses of editors of major newspapers.

Find real answers to tough questions about Islam and Muslims at:

Tools to challenge anti-Muslim hate

Find tools you can use to challenge anti-Muslim hate at

Anti-Muslim hate groups & their funders:

Find profiles of anti-Muslim hate groups and their funders at

‘Guide to Challenging Islamophobia’

Click here to read CAIR’s ‘Guide to Challenging Islamophobia

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Khizr Khan
Khizr KhanGold Star father who received international attention following his speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention
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“Since November 8 I have been to many communities throughout this country. I have seen the direct result of CAIR’s work. I have talked to the communities. I have spoken to the communities where [CAIR] offices exist. The morale of the Muslim community in those communities is much higher than where [a CAIR] office does not exist yet.”
New York Times
New York Times11/17/2016
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Two-time Pulitzer prize winner Nicholas Kristof advised readers to “sign up on the Council on American-Islamic Relations website, volunteering to fight Islamophobia.”
Robert Reich
Robert Reich12/18/2016
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Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich listed CAIR among other organizations he wants to benefit from a “freedom concert” he proposed to be held concurrent with the 2016 presidential inauguration ceremony.
Actor Lucy Lawless
Actor Lucy Lawless11/14/2016
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Ash vs. Evil Dead and Xena: Warrior Princess tweeted, “We’re helping by donating to @NAACP @HRC @PPact @CAIRNational and fearless news organizations.”