Use Your Voice, Share Your Story

Use Your Voice, Share Your Story

We are looking for American Muslims willing to share stories of their lives, contributions, hopes and dreams in media interviews. We are also looking for non-Muslim allies who are leaders in business, military, law enforcement, faith and other sectors, as well as everyday people, who are allies to American Muslims.

Your participation will counter stereotypes and the crisis of anti-Muslim hate created by years of defamatory media portrayals, by helping create more realistic TV, radio, newspaper and magazine stories that feature everyday American Muslims’ stories.

We especially need American Muslims nationwide who, inspired by their Islamic faith, are doing great things in life and/or serving as military personnel/veterans, law enforcement officers, public school teachers, firefighters, medics, student athletes, pro athletes, youth starting social or entrepreneurial projects, nurses, retirees, young families, working moms balancing their schedules, non-working moms/dads raising great kids, class valedictorians, musicians, students involved in student gov’t, etc. 

No information will be shared until we directly contact anyone recommended and have their express written permission.

Here are just a few examples of media stories that could be created by your suggestions:

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Khizr Khan
Khizr KhanGold Star father who received international attention following his speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention
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“Since November 8 I have been to many communities throughout this country. I have seen the direct result of CAIR’s work. I have talked to the communities. I have spoken to the communities where [CAIR] offices exist. The morale of the Muslim community in those communities is much higher than where [a CAIR] office does not exist yet.”
New York Times
New York Times11/17/2016
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Two-time Pulitzer prize winner Nicholas Kristof advised readers to “sign up on the Council on American-Islamic Relations website, volunteering to fight Islamophobia.”
Robert Reich
Robert Reich12/18/2016
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Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich listed CAIR among other organizations he wants to benefit from a “freedom concert” he proposed to be held concurrent with the 2016 presidential inauguration ceremony.
Actor Lucy Lawless
Actor Lucy Lawless11/14/2016
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Ash vs. Evil Dead and Xena: Warrior Princess tweeted, “We’re helping by donating to @NAACP @HRC @PPact @CAIRNational and fearless news organizations.”