Request a Speaker

If you are looking for a speaker for an event related to Islam or American Muslims, we may be able to help. We might recommend a CAIR official when appropriate, or help put you in touch with another knowledgeable speaker.

[NOTE: This page is for requesting in-person or webinar presentations. If you are a member of the press, please see our “Bookable Speakers” page where you can find a list of CAIR experts for phone, in-studio and on-camera interviews.]

Speakers can offer Islamic, political or legal perspectives on a variety of topics, or address a broad range of issues relating to the American Muslim community.

Please select the presentation from the list below that suits your needs and email

In your email, please include the following information: your full name, organization, phone, and email address; the specific type of event you are holding; the event date and time and the time when you would like a CAIR speaker to present; the time allotted to the CAIR speaker; the location of the event and parking information; the topic of your event and learning goals; your program outline; a list of other invited speakers and their affiliations; about your audience; any other information that can be helpful to us in determining which speaker would be the best fit for your event and audience.

Please allow 10 business days for a response.

Challenging Islamophobia

Interested in learning about the basics of Islam and how you can support your Muslim peers? CAIR presents to audiences of American Muslims and allies on ways you can recognize and challenge Islamophobia in various contexts. We can present these in-person at mosques and community centers or by webinar. 

Bystander Intervention Training

Have you ever wondered how you would respond to an incident of public harassment? CAIR offers training to teach individuals how to respond to harassment as a bystander. This training equips audiences with the tools to confidently and responsibly support a targeted person and ensure safety to the best of one’s abilities.

Know Your Rights

Are you curious about your rights as an employee, student, or traveler? CAIR conducts ‘Know Your Rights’ presentations in each of these contexts! These presentations collaborate with local attorneys to ensure our community is confident in asserting our Constitutional rights in a variety of settings. We can present these in-person at mosques and community centers or by webinar. 

Media Relations Basics

We present – in-person at mosques and community centers or by webinar – the basic do’s and don’ts of how to engage effectively with media so that you can generate great coverage of your work that you deserve and effectively represent American Muslims and civil rights issues in the media.