CAIR Black History Month

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Join CAIR’s Upon Their Shoulders Campaign

Throughout Black History Month, schools, businesses, leaders and communities across our nation will dedicate time to recognizing and learning about the monumental contributions that the African-American community has made to our society and our country.

As an American Muslim civil rights organization, CAIR knows that our work is possible due to the blessed work of those who came before us–especially African-American activists.

Our community must continue to learn from the struggles, sacrifices and successes of those who came before us. With that in mind, CAIR is launching a special campaign this Black History Month: Upon Their Shoulders.

Throughout Black History Month, CAIR’s Upon Their Shoulders campaign will give you, members of the American Muslim community, a chance to recognize African-American activists whose work has advanced justice in our nation. Here’s how you can participate:

Choose an inspirational African-American activist from the past or present, and send us a sentence of your own explaining why this person is important to our nation’s progress.

If CAIR chooses your quote, we will share it publicly as part of our Upon Their Shoulders campaign, insha Allah.

We also plan to welcome you on to our weekly program, CAIR on Air, to discuss your choice.

We especially encourage families and students to participate in this educational campaign. Submit your choice below!