The tragic massacre targeting a mosque in Quebec, Canada on January 29, 2017, ended the lives of six Canadian Muslims and injured many more. It was not the first time our communities were targeted, but it was among the most deadly acts of violence in recent history.

Then, on May 26, 2017, in Oregon, three brave Americans defended an American Muslim teen and her friend from a white supremacist attacker spewing anti-Muslim slurs. Two of the men, while defending the girls, sacrificed their lives when they were fatally stabbed by the attacker.

After these tragedies, CAIR immediately called for justice for the victims.

Knowing that hate speech leads to hate violence, we also pledged to hold the purveyors of anti-Muslim hate responsible for the resulting violence. According to research, for over a decade, mainstream news, commentary and entertainment media have consistently featured defamatory portrayals of Islam and Muslims and consistently promoted long-discredited anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. This must change, and CAIR is committed to changing this in close collaboration with American Muslim organizations and allies of all faiths.

To learn more about our work with the press, visit  As the year progresses, we’ll have more updated content on the effort to change the way mainstream media portrays our communities, and how you can use your voice to help bring this much-needed change.