Did you know that in 2017, CAIR distributed 4,000 educational guides including our ‘Know Your Rights’ guides, ‘Challenging Islamophobia’ guides, and our guides to Islamic practices in the workplace, schools, among many more?

Through the web site, www.islamophobia.org and a fully staffed advocacy department, we also ensure that decision-makers are educated about ‘experts’ and educate them information about Islam and Muslims.

All of CAIR’s civil rights reports and annual reports on Islamophobia and its effects on American Muslim families and children are published on the new islamophobia.org website, which is now the top result for searches using the term ‘Islamophobia.’

CAIR reports, produced by our Research & Advocacy Department outline the spike in anti-Muslim hate. The reports also identify the well-funded and well-coordinated network of hate groups promoting anti-Muslim hate and lobbying Congress and state legislatures to pass anti-Muslim laws, and lobbying news media editors, Hollywood producers and other decision-makers to produce highly defamatory portrayals that fuel prejudice and hate.

CAIR’s timely and professional reports are being used by state, national and international media outlets to highlight the growing Islamophobia targeting American Muslims, including families and children, as well as mosques and Islamic schools.

During 2017, we helped hundreds of law enforcement agencies, schools, colleges, elected officials, and other decision-makers make educated decisions and not allow anti-Muslim hate group members and conspiracy theorists who offer misinformation to mislead their staff. This resulted in many decision-makers end trainings and information sessions by known hate group members and conspiracy theorists. Learn more at islamophobia.org

During 2018, we aim to scale our advocacy work even more to ensure that those who peddle hate and conspiracy theories are driven away from the mainstream and to the margins of society.

Learn how you can take action, by going to islamophobia.org/takeaction

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