Every person in America deserves equal treatment under law. That is the promise of the Constitution and that’s what CAIR, along with American Muslim and allied organizations, works every day to ensure. 

In 2017, we won another major legal victory challenging the unconstitutional ‘watch list’. The plaintiffs in that lawsuit included an 11-month-old baby, which was yet another indication that the unconstitutional watchlists are not only unconstitutional, but also ineffective.

This CAIR lawsuit is the broadest ever legal challenge to the unconstitutional ‘watch list.’ Not only does it challenge the discriminatory placement of innocent American families and children on the unconstitutional ‘watch list’ without due process, but also everyday hardships that American Muslim families and children on the list have to endure, including: invasive additional screening and hours-long detentions; being tortured and harassed at U.S. ports of entry; having their bank account closed without explanation or notice; not being able to send funds to their parents and family through wire transfer; not being allowed to even test drive or buy a car; being treated as armed and dangerous by local law enforcement during routine traffic stops, which means police approach the person with guns drawn; not being allowed to get jobs at airports; FBI and other agencies using the person’s ‘watch list’ status to pressure the person to become a government spy on their own communities.

The lawsuit is also the first to be allowed to move forward to challenge the ‘selectee list’ (where unlike the ‘no-fly list’, listees can board airplanes) component of the unconstitutional federal watch list.

In issuing the court’s opinion, Judge Anthony J. Trenga stated: “The Government’s ‘trust us’ approach is inconsistent with the fundamental procedural protections applicable to the deprivation of a protected liberty interest, including the right to be heard.”

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