As-salaamu alaykum:

1. A call to CAIR can help end bullying of your child

An 11th-grade Muslim student at a Maryland school told CAIR that her teacher interjected into a conversation between her and a classmate and told her classmate that “Muslims are dangerous. They are terrorists and they will kill you,” and said he should never “be Muslim.”

The Muslim student felt extremely uncomfortable with the teacher’s remarks and immediately reported the incident to school administrators and CAIR. In response to the student’s complaint, CAIR intervened by sending a letter to school administrators and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights requesting that they investigate the teacher’s alleged discriminatory and offensive statements for potential civil rights law violations. School officials are now investigating the incident.

It’s important that this 11th grader and many like her feels the support of CAIR and her community.

2. A call to CAIR can stop discrimination and harassment in the workplace

We get more calls about employment discrimination and workplace harassment than any other kind of case.

We hear from workers who are wrongfully fired, whose supervisors refuse to allow them to pray on breaks, or who are harassed to the point that they feel their only option is to resign. We hear from sisters who are denied a job or threatened with firing because of their hijab. These situations sometimes cause stress, anxiety, and even illness. They need someone to be on their side.

Many new immigrant workers don’t know their rights regarding religious accommodation at work or they may fear losing their jobs if they speak up.

When all of these people call CAIR, we step in to protect their rights and assist in their fight. This year, we’ve helped hundreds of Muslims to fulfill their religious obligations and be treated respectfully at work.

3. A call to CAIR can speed up delayed citizenship

Many of our clients come to us for help after their naturalization applications are inexplicably delayed or stalled in the citizenship process, some with delays lasting for many years.

This year, CAIR attorneys helped a Muslim man who had been fighting to get his U.S. citizenship since 2011. This client’s application, like so many others we see, was stalled in the process due to pending government checks. After two years and countless hours of letter-writing, meetings, research, and briefing by CAIR attorneys, our client finally received his U.S. citizenship this year.

And a donation from you to CAIR can help change people’s lives for the better.

These are just a few of the 1,200 civil rights cases we helped resolve in 2014 at our national office alone. We need your help today and tomorrow to continue our important work.

We still need to raise $146,000 to meet our year-end goal of $263,000. There are only two more days. We hope CAIR can count on you.

We are a 100% donor-supported organization, and all our services are offered free of charge.

 Please go to our website right now to make a contribution. We also accept donations using PayPal. You may also mail your contribution to: CAIR, 453 New Jersey Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003.

 Thank you,

Roula Allouch

CAIR National Board Chair

There are two days left to possibly reduce you 2014 taxes by making a 100% tax-deductible, zakat-eligible donation to CAIR. [Mailed donations must be postmarked by December 31st to qualify for a tax deduction for 2014. Donations postmarked on or after January 1 qualify for a 2015 tax deduction.]

Please share this message with your friends and family and on social media. Help spread the word to all American Muslims that CAIR is the organization they can call if they’re facing discrimination.


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