As-salaamu alaykum. (Peace to you.)

CAIR is working toward the day when being Muslim carries a positive connotation in society and Islam has an equal place among many faiths in America’s pluralistic society.

This goal will be achieved not by reacting to daily events, but by having programs in place to foster mutual understanding.

CAIR’s “Explore the Quran” project is a powerful example of such a program. This year alone, we have shipped 17,000 copies to Americans of all faiths.

Why? Because rather than learning about Islam through the media, your neighbors get to read our holy book for themselves.

Here is what comes when people discover and read for themselves what Islam is about:

“Today, during a Bible study meeting, some folks were making statements about Islam, the Quran, etc., as propagating / condoning violence. I have only read bits and pieces of the Quran you sent me, but I knew that they were wrong and so I argued that they were taking comments out of context. Had you not sent me the free Quran, I probably would have accepted their statements, but having read for myself, I could correct their misstatements. Thank you for entrusting your holy book to my family.— An interfaith partner


“Our school received a copy of The Message of the Quran and I would like to express our gratitude for this generous gift. … It will be included with other materials we have on Islamic history and religion and hopefully will help students understand and be more tolerant of the differences and similarities of people all around the world.” — A high school librarian


“For me, the ‘Share the Quran’ project is a more tangible way to actively share the truth of Islam with as many people of other faiths as possible. What more effective antidote to the current virulent anti-Muslim propaganda than the Holy Quran? What more personal satisfaction could there be than knowing you have done your part as a vicegerent of God, to fulfill the divine imperative: ‘Let there be among you a group that invites to all that is good’ (Quran 3:104).” — A Share the Quran project sponsor

Before the end of this month, CAIR needs to raise $327,840. This number represents a mere four days of the funding enjoyed by the U.S. Islamophobia network.

 With your help, the staff and volunteers at CAIR know we can ensure that Americans who wish to know more about our religion can read the Quran and get to know the Islam we know, not the distortions seen on TV, spread by Islamophobes or preached by violent extremists.

 December 31st is the deadline for receiving a 2013 tax deduction for charitable giving. CAIR is a 100% tax-deductible (Tax ID Number 77-0646756) and zakat-eligible nonprofit organization.

Please go to our donation page right now to make a contribution. You can also mail your contribution to: CAIR, 453 New Jersey Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003.

Together, with Allah’s blessing, we can do it.



 Nihad Awad

P.S. – Please send this appeal to your friends and family, and post on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. Remember, CAIR is zakat-eligible and tax-deductible. Giving today will ensure you get a tax deduction on your next tax return.


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