This page is designed to aid community members or organizations who want to create voter guides. A voter guide is a document that provides information to help voters to vote.

A basic voter guide gives information about how, when and where to vote. An advanced guide adds information about the positions of different candidates. The goal in creating this kind of guide is to give voters information to help them find the candidate(s) whose positions on key issues most closely align with their own. As an example, you can see CAIR’s 2012 presidential voter guide here. Comprehensive voter guides can also be created for ballot initiatives, amendments or any other item that will appear on a voter’s ballot.

Advanced voter guides should provide objective information that accurately represents the views of all major candidates without seeking to influence voters toward a particular candidate or party.

Remember, if the guide is produced by a nonprofit organization it must be unbiased and nonpartisan to avoid jeopardizing the organization’s nonprofit status. It is imperative that nonprofit organizations be impartial when describing all candidates and proposals.

If you’re planning to create voter guides, here are some recommended steps to take.

Contact your local CAIR chapter to join your efforts with theirs.

Find the closest CAIR chapter.

Gather a reliable team.

It’s a lot easier to do all the research necessary to create a voter guide when you’re not working alone. If CAIR doesn’t have a chapter in your state, gather two to four members of the community to help you.

Gather information for the voter guide.

At the beginning of the voter guide it is a good idea to briefly emphasize why it is imperative for all eligible members of the Muslim community to vote.

Basic Voter Guide

Advanced Voter Guide

In addition to the content in the basic guide, provide information on the following topics:

Comprehensive Voter Guide

Provide information on the following topic

If producing the guide for a nonprofit organization or mosque, include a disclaimer stating “As a registered nonprofit, [name of organization/mosque] does not endorse campaigns or candidates.”

Distribute the voter guide

Distribute your guides free-of-charge to the entire Muslim community. Two excellent ways to do this are through local mosques and online.

Want to know more? Need help or advice? Call CAIR and talk to our government affairs department.

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