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CAIR Op-Ed: 10 Days After Nashville Bombing, Double-Standards Persist

By Nihad Awad & Huzaifa Shahbaz, CAIR National

Ten days have now passed since a suicide bomber named Anthony Quinn Walker destroyed a city block in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day.
Since then, the public has not heard much about the bombing from the media or learned much about the bomber from the government. We do know that Walker was a 63-year-old white male. He recently sold off a significant amount of real estate. And someone had reported him to the police for supposedly making explosives in his RV.

So far, we seem to know only one other thing for sure: Anthony Walker was not a Muslim. No doubt about that. In fact, many American Muslims knew this hours before law enforcement announced Walker’s identity. How did we know?

It’s simple. Over the past thirty years, our community has learned to quickly recognize the difference between how government officials and media outlets respond crimes committed by white men who are not Muslims versus crimes committed by Muslims and other minorities…


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