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His classmates choked, beat and stabbed him for being a Muslim

Jacob was just a child when his classmates choked, beat and stabbed him for being a Muslim. He ended up in a hospital with a concussion and covered in bruises — twice. When Jacob’s mother begged school officials to intervene, they did nothing. In fact, some teachers and administrators responded by harassing Jacob more. The bullying continued until Jacob tragically died by suicide.

At our national office alone, CAIR’s legal team received more than 1,500 complaints this year, and we currently represent more than 200 clients across the country.

Although the Trump administration is coming to an end, its bigoted policies and rhetoric have already had a devastating impact: a dangerous increase in hate and violence against the Muslim community and other minorities.

American Muslims call CAIR for help because they count on us to defend them from bigotry and discrimination. Can we count on your financial support so that we can continue helping these people?


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