Press Releases

Palestine Solidarity Rallies Taking Place in Cities Across the Nation, Organized by City Name:

  • Allentown, Pennsylvania

May 16th (2pm) at S 7th St. & Hamilton St.

  • Atlanta, Georgia

May 15th (1pm) at National Center for Civil & Human Rights

  • Austin, Texas

May 15th (12pm) at 1100 Congress Ave.

  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana

May 14th (4:30) at Southgate

  • Boston, Massachusetts

May 15th (2pm) at Copley Square

  • Brooklyn, New York

May 15th (4:30pm) at 7114 5th Ave, Bay Ridge

  • Buffalo, New York

May 15th (1pm) at 65 Niagara Square

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

May 13th (5pm) at Romare Bearden Park

  • Cleveland, Ohio

May 16th (2pm) at Public Square in Downtown Cleveland

  • Dallas, Texas

May 15th (1pm) at The Grassy Knoll

  • Dearborn, Michigan

May 16th (1pm) at 15801 Michigan Ave.

  • Detroit, Michigan

May 15th (2pm) at Arab American Museum

  • Houston, Texas

May 15th (3pm) at Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney Street

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

May 15th (5pm) in front of the Venetian

  • Los Angeles, California

May 15th (12pm) at 11000 Wilshire Boulevard

  • Miami, Florida

May 16th (5pm) at NW 24TH Street and NW 2nd Avenue (Wynwood)

  • Orlando, Florida

May 15th (4pm) Section of Lake Eola across 227 N Eola

  • Patterson, New Jersey

May 16th (1pm) at Main St. and Gould Ave.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 14th (4pm) at Rittenhouse Square Park

  • Phoenix, Arizona

May 15th (12pm) at 1700 W Washington St.

  • San Diego, California

May 15th (6pm) at Balboa Park

  • San Francisco, California

May 15th (12pm) at 16th & Valencia St.

  • Seattle, Washington

May 16th (1pm) at Westlake Park

  • St. Louis, Missouri

May 14th (5pm) at 500 Chestnut St.

  • Tampa, Florida

May 16th (5pm) at Intersection of Fowler and 25th

  • Twin Cities, Minnesota

May 15th (2pm) across Filfillah 4301 Central Ave NE

  • Washington D.C.

May 15th (3pm) at Washington Monument

  • Wichita, Kansas

May 15th (1pm) at 353 N Mead St.

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