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She was kicked out of a shooting range for wearing hijab

On New Year’s Day, Rania and her husband decided to spend the day together at a shooting range. However, when they arrived at Frontier Justice, a Kansas City, Missouri gun range, they were told by staff that Rania would not be permitted to use their facilities until she removed her hijab because it is a violation of their dress code.

When Rania asked for an explanation, the manager told her that her hijab is a safety risk because shrapnel could cause her hijab to catch fire. However, when Rania pointed out that baseball caps are permitted to be worn, the manager was unable to explain why baseball caps – or other articles of clothing – are any different than the hijab.

Because there is no difference. The “dress code violation” is a clear camouflage for the shooting range’s discriminatory policy that bans Muslim women that wear the hijab from their facility.

Rania is one of many cases of Muslim women being denied equal treatment that CAIR handles on a daily basis.



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