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Turkish Federation Joins #BoycottHilton Coalition, Releases Video Calling on Public to Defend Uyghur Muslims from Genocide 

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 10/13/21) – The Federation of Associations of Turkey (Türkiye Dernekler Federasyonu) has released a video announcing its participation in the #BoycottHilton Coalition, which consists of over 40 American and international organizations boycotting the corporation due to its decision to license the construction of a Hampton Hotel on the site of a bulldozed mosque in the Uyghur region of China.  


Video: Chinese Police Whistleblower Exposes Campaign of Torture Against Uyghurs

Last month, the coalition launched a petition drive asking signatories to take a pledge “to join the global boycott of ALL Hilton-owned hotels until the company cancels its plan to establish a hotel on the site of a bulldozed Uyghur mosque in China.”   

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