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Unite Humanity Campaign Overview

In response to the work of Islamophobes and others to divide our communities along racial, religious and ethnic lines, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has developed this initiative to show, through positive action, that our collective national ideals of valuing diversity and uplifting our communities are more powerful than the voices calling for division. 

The objective of CAIR’s Unite Humanity campaign is to facilitate and raise awareness of interfaith and/or community-based partnerships between groups representing diverse beliefs and backgrounds by highlighting the service projects they are doing together.  This will be primarily accomplished through a community calendar, a social media campaign, and a series of services CAIR will offer to help connect groups doing community service with each other and the media. Though this, we hope to increase public awareness of Muslims and their community partners and to assist communities in organizing and launching cooperative public service projects.

By bringing community partners together to overcome negative narratives, this campaign will help provide an alternative and collective voice rooted in service, showing that our communities are more united now than ever before.

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CAIR is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the events and people are encouraged to contact the sponsoring organizations for more information and to check the accuracy.

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