Action Alert: Call Lawmakers to Oppose Anti-Palestinian Law

Action Alert: Call Lawmakers to Oppose Anti-Palestinian Law

(WASHINGTON, DC, 5/9/2006) – CAIR today called on American Muslims and other people of conscience to urge their elected officials to oppose legislation which would effectively hurt millions of innocent Palestinians who have already been economically, socially and politically marginalized due to the current conflict.

A new United States House of Representatives resolution, H.R. 4681, and a newer Senate resolution, S. 2370, would impose a wide range of essentially punitive measures on the Palestinian Authority.

H.R. 4681 (The Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006) would impose measures to defend the Palestinian Authority and limit its ability to travel and operate unless it meets many requirements.

According to sources on Capitol Hill, the momentum for passing the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act (S. 2370 and H.R.4681) appears to be dissipating on Capitol Hill. The Bush administration announced several policy changes over the spring congressional recess that, in addition to longstanding U.S. policy, would make most provisions of both the Senate and House bills superfluous.

Under the legislation, if the Palestinian Authority government meets these requirements for “certification” then it can have continued funding. If not the new law would:

1. Bar all direct aid to the Palestinian Authority and not provide the President with any authority to waive the ban, even in the case where national security interests of the U.S. are at stake; 2. Bar all aid via NGOs except “to meet basic human health needs” specified as food, water, medicine, sanitation, etc; 3. Hold back owed dues to the UN in proportion to the UN’s direct support for the Palestinian Authority; 4. Designate areas controlled by the PA (The West Bank and Gaza) to be a “terrorist sanctuary;” 5. Ban the issuance of visas to anyone affiliated with the PA; 6. Comprehensively bar both the PLO and PA from maintaining an “office, headquarters, premises, or other facilities or establishments” in the U.S.; 7. Require the President to direct U.S. representatives at International Financial Institutions (e.g., the World Bank, IMF) to use the voice, vote, and influence of the U.S. to block any aid to the PA.


1) Call your U.S. Senators and ask them to oppose S. 2370 as being against the best interests of the United States;

2) Call your member of the House of Representatives and ask them to oppose H.R. 4681 as also being against the best interests of United States foreign policy.

TO CONTACT YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, GO TO (Talking points and advice for making an effective call are provided at the website):