ACTION: Senator Says Support for Israel Not ‘Unconditional’

ACTION: Senator Says Support for Israel Not ‘Unconditional’

US Fed News, 7/18/06

WASHINGTON, July 18 — The office of Sen. John Warner, R-Va., issued the following press release:

Yesterday evening, Sen. John W. Warner, R-Va., the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, addressed the Senate on the Israel-Lebanon conflict, detailing his concerns with a yet-to-be filed resolution that the Senate was considering on the issue.

In his remarks, Senator Warner indicated that he agreed with almost all of the resolution, and would not stand in the way of its passage by unanimous consent.

However, he indicated that any Senate resolution on the Israel-Lebanon situation should proceed with careful debate, with the floor participation of as many Senators as wish to join. Also, it should take into account America’s broader interests in the region, specifically how the conflict could affect: – the 25,000 Americans currently trapped in Lebanon, many of whom desire to leave now. . .

Senator Warner indicated that Senate passage of a resolution that addressed the conflict without considering the broad spectrum of American interests in the region could also complicate Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s upcoming diplomatic work in the region.

Senator Warner said, “Historically, this Nation has stood steadfast, and I am proud that I have been among those in this Chamber in my 28 years here, to strongly support Israel. Our Nation is viewed upon as an honest broker – recognizing our support of Israel, but as an honest broker.

“If the world is going to look to us as to how we can provide that leadership, I do not want any loss of flexibility on the part of the President and the Secretary of State and such others who may be tasked to try to work out this situation.

“Yes, I conclude our support for Israel is very strong, Mr. President, but it cannot be unconditional.” . . .


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