Help Get CAIR’s PSA on Local Fox Stations

Help Get CAIR’s PSA on Local Fox Stations

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 1/18/05) – CAIR is calling on Muslims nationwide to
contact local Fox TV stations to ask that they air the CAIR “I am an
American Muslim” public service announcement (PSA).

In a letter sent to all stations last Saturday, Fox encouraged local
affiliates nationwide to place the PSA as close as possible to the airing
of the popular “24” drama series.

This move came after CAIR met with Fox officials last week to address the
depiction of a “Muslim” family that is at the heart of a terror plot in the

CAIR is concerned that the portrayal of the family as a terrorist “sleeper
cell” may cast a shadow of suspicion over ordinary American Muslims and
suggested airing a positive PSA about Muslims to help balance the negative
images of Muslims on the program.

The CAIR PSA, which is designed to challenge anti-Muslim bias, features
American Muslims of European, African-American, Hispanic, and Native
American heritage. Each person in the PSA states how they and their
families have served America and ends by saying, “I am an American Muslim.”



1. Please call each of your local Fox television stations and ask to speak
to the person who handles public service announcements and/or programming.
That person is usually, but not always, the “Public Service Director.”

2. Explain to that person why it is important to help reduce anti-Muslim
bias in our society and how this PSA could assist in that goal.

3. Also contact Gail Berman, President of Entertainment of Fox
Broadcasting, to express appreciation for working with the Muslim community
to challenge stereotyping.

Gail Berman
President of Entertainment
Fox Broadcasting Company
10201 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 900035

FAX: 210-969-0546