Incitement: Islam Brings Misery, Backwardness – Mark Steyn

Incitement: Islam Brings Misery, Backwardness – Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn, Western Standard, 4/10/06

I used to date a Muslim gal. Don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that before. I was going to, once. It was a year or so after September 11, and the editor of the National Post was noting that some Muslim lobby group had just given me the Islamophobe-of-the-Month award for the umpteenth time. I was under the misapprehension that, if you win six months in a row, you get the Lincoln Town Car and two weeks in St. Lucia, but my boss seemed to think it less of an occasion for congratulation.

“I’m not Islamophobic,” I protested. “I’ve dated Muslim women. I’m very partial,” I added, lapsing into a modified bit of Brit vernacular, “to Islamototty.”

“Under no circumstances are you to say that in print,” he said sternly. (“Totty” is Britspeak for “hot babe” or “hot babes.” The form can indicate singular or plural, as in “I went to a party at this duke’s pad. Talk about your posh totty.” Would have been nice in Austin Powers, but it may postdate Austin’s sixties’ heyday.) . . .

She was a residually observant Muslim, in the way that there are many Anglicans who go to church at Christmas and Easter and would still wish their children to be Christened and eventually married in church. Which makes her much more of a “moderate Muslim” than, say, Dr. Wafa Sultan, the Syrian-American psychiatrist from Los Angeles who, at great personal risk, took on some A-list Sunni scholar live on Al Jazeera the other week. Dr. Sultan was on splendid form, booting every one of Professor Jihad’s points into touch, scoffing at the rationale behind the many Muslim “grievances,” pointing out the backwardness and misery and oppression that attend the advance of Islam. (MORE)

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