Incitement: Jesus-Loving, Patriotic Americans

Incitement: Jesus-Loving, Patriotic Americans

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Brace against ill motives

I just had a great idea. I think I’m going to open a burqa and prayer rug store in Atlanta, since obviously many of the women who write to the opinion page think it’s cool to wear burqas. And since the Dems are going to pull out of the war if they win Nov. 7, leaving the enemy free to come over here, they will already have their burqas at the ready when the peace-loving Muslims come to their door to force them to convert or die.

You see, I do have a problem with people who openly practice any religion or belief whose main focus is to destroy my way of life and convert me or kill me. I hope and pray that I am wrong. But I fear that America is inching closer and closer to its end. And I believe that will start when the Muslims’ favorite party takes control. Heaven help us.


Well, extend practice to men

Interesting to read recent op-eds from liberal-minded women who have suddenly discovered virtue in Islam and its requirement to cover its women. I suspect these recent converts and defenders of Islam have suspended their own feminist convictions and are motivated by their hatred of Jesus-loving, patriotic Americans who vote Republican.

An interesting question to illustrate the dilemma for these feminists/multiculturalists: If veils are good for women, why not men as well?