Incitement Watch: Complaints Follow Talk on Islam

Incitement Watch: Complaints Follow Talk on Islam

Shawn Vestal, Spokesman Review, 12/1/05

A speaker at North Idaho College who declared that Islam is a religion of world domination committed to the death of Christians and Jews has riled up some students, who say the speech fed false stereotypes.

Chuck Missler, who spoke on “The Threat of Radical Islam,” said he’s just trying to tell the truth about a grave threat to America.

“We’re not speaking out against Muslims in general,” said Missler, who runs a worldwide Christian ministry from Post Falls. “But the leadership has a definite agenda, and it’s the destruction of America.”

Stefano Carrera, an NIC student who complained to the school about the speech, said it reflects a regional problem of poor understanding of other cultures and ethnicities.

“Certain people are just tired of all the hatred being presented at most of the churches in Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene,” said Carrera, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago and who holds Swiss and American citizenship. “What these religious groups are doing is, ‘I’m better than you are.’ & It’s like a football game. . .”

Missler was brought to NIC by the College Republicans.

“They say Islam is a religion of peace,” Missler said during the speech, according to a recording of the event. “That’s nonsense. Islam, the Quran is a warrior’s code for world conquest, from cover to cover. Check it out. Read it yourself.”

The speech attracted almost 250 people, and the reactions have been mixed. Shelly Hands, the leader of the campus Republicans, said critics claimed Missler was hateful and have called her group a cult for bringing him to campus.