Incitement Watch: Fight Nasty War Accordingly

Incitement Watch: Fight Nasty War Accordingly

A recent letter in response to mine intrigued me. The writer asked how we
should treat our local Muslim population given that I stated we are in
World War III with most of them.

No, don’t take the baby’s candy or run them off the road. Just realize our
country is at war and the odds of an attack from someone in that community
is virtually 100 percent. Racial profiling is acceptable to me. Having
picture IDs of both men and women without scarves is mandatory. Any Muslim
here illegally should be jailed. All Muslim organizations must respect that
the freedoms granted to us all under our constitution trumps their
religious rights and refusal to submit to this fact would be grounds to
declare that organization “terrorist.”

I do not hate all Muslims. But my country is at war with the majority of
them. There is no prejudice or discrimination by our country in taking
reasonable efforts to identify our enemy to protect our loved ones from
them. This is by definition a clandestine war with our enemy embedded in
our country like never before in history and must be fought accordingly. To
not do so because of some liberal bunch of politically correct nonsense is
unfair to our population as a whole and insane.

To our Muslim population who don’t like it, move back to that hellhole
Mideast pit that your radical Muslim brothers have created for you. Don’t
bring it here because it ain’t welcome.