Incitement Watch: Muslim ‘Scourge’ in America

Incitement Watch: Muslim ‘Scourge’ in America

Incitement Watch: Muslim ”˜Scourge’ in America

Americans need to beware of the Muslim scourge within

Dear Editor, I pray that the silent majority in our great nation is not being at all fooled by all the latest rhetoric being distributed in the media regarding President George W. Bush. He has more on him at this time than any person in the history of America.

But never believe he can’t handle it. The Bible says that up until a person becomes a child of God, he or she just never realizes the true light when they see it. This absolute gives our president a lot of strength, and this silent majority is praying for him every day. And every American should be doing the same thing. Please start doing so.

He has many big problems, but the biggest by far is the nation of Islam. I have done a lot of research recently and the following are a number of truths — which I can prove. These things started long ago, but the Muslim world did not appear to be intelligent enough to pose much of a threat to anyone except themselves.

We have a very large number of Americans that are doing everything they can to cause America to fail. And since our president has had the courage to address hard subjects that absolutely must be resolved, it takes a true Southern Christian gentleman to grab the bull by the horns. Can you believe that since Sept. 11, 2001, there have been approximately 34,000 Americans who have become Muslims? How about this one: There are 1,209 Muslim mosques existing in America at this time, and 25 percent of them have been built since 1994 — just one year after the first bombing of the Trade Center buildings.

And did you know that if you ask 100 Americans who we were fighting a war with in our country for the first time, they would probably say England. Wrong! The great U.S. Marine Corps was fighting the Muslims in the country of Tripoli. It was called the Tripolitan War. Hence the song: “to the shores of Tripoli.”

Wake up, America. There are at this date 6 million Muslims who reside here in our country, all over most states. And there are 1.5 billion on planet earth. Our historians have let us down since our conception. It is time we learned who our enemies are! They are Bush-bashers who run down our president and have a total of nothing in the suggestion box to do anything any other way!

I do not have a copy of the Muslim Quran, but I have one on the way. It has 114 chapters.

Only 30 percent of the Muslims in the world are literate. They must listen to their leaders for the contents of the Quran. I have several verses copied from one of the books of the Quran, and it is very clear that no Muslim is our friend.

I’m probably running out of time. I’ll tell you more of this enemy when I get my copy.

Sept. 18th is Constitution Day. Pray for America and pray for John Roberts and for George Bush.

God bless you all and God bless America.

Hugh Jenkins is a chaplain with the Confederate States of America, Camp 747