Incitement Watch: Why Islam Didn’t Conquer the World

Incitement Watch: Why Islam Didn’t Conquer the World

Incitement Watch: Why Islam Didn’t Conquer the World
PAUL AKERS, Free Lance-Star, 10/30/05

Probably, Mr. Reader, you did not yesterday wash five times, face Mecca, sink to your knees, and pray to Allah. Most likely, Ms. Reader, you did not cover yourself with a burka before venturing out to shop. Probably neither of you is giving up all food between sunup and sundown during the ongoing monthlong Ramadan.

For freedom from all of these obligations, you might spare a minute sometime today, and every October, to say a silent “thank you” to a gang of half-savage Germans and especially to their leader, Charles “The Hammer” Martel. . .

Never again did Islamic armies seriously threaten the Great Land of Gaul and beyond. Martel spent the rest of his life crushing smaller bands of Arab interlopers. Eventually, the heroes of the reconquista threw the Moors out of Spain. . .

And what sort of world would that be? Without the Christian quickening of conscience that helped abolish slavery in England, the United States, and elsewhere, the Quran-sanctioned institution might be the global norm. An Emir Ibrahim al-Lincoln would not have issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

Ever wonder at the hatred of Orthodox Christian Serbs for Muslim Bosnians? One reason is that the ancestors of the former had to flee Constantinople when the Muslims overwhelmed the Christian East, killing or taking into bondage many who remained. The seething anti-Islamic passions in the Balkans make sense when you consider that the very name “Slav” comes from “slave.”

Women the world over also would be permanent second-class citizens. Many if not most–observe Saudi Arabia–would be forbidden to drive a car, own property, or vote. Battered females might well lack legal or other recourse. (MORE)