Mosque leaders urged to sign up 100 CAIR members

Mosque leaders urged to sign up 100 CAIR members

CAIR is calling on all Muslim community leaders and activists to organize membership drives after Jumah prayers to sign up 100 new members for our new member campaign, “Building a Better America…One Member at a Time.” The campaign is intended (God willing) to sign up 25,000 new CAIR members by our 10th year anniversary celebration scheduled for June 12, 2004.

(NOTE: We can mail you membership forms or you may print the form below and fax it or mail it to CAIR. For more information, call 202-488-8787 or e-mail:

CAIR depends on you to be more active and organized locally so we can be more effective nationally. Now is the time to start a membership drive. In your khutbah, you can talk about CAIR’s service to the Muslim community in the past 10 years.

  • CAIR has defended the rights of thousands of community members. When someone has been discriminated against at school, on the job, or anywhere else, CAIR was there.
  • CAIR representatives have taken to the nation’s airwaves and conducted thousands of interviews to defend Islam and Muslims and to educate people about Islam and issues of concern to American Muslims. CAIR has given Muslims a voice in the media.
  • CAIR has provided steady leadership through times of crisis. After the terror attacks of 9/11, both Muslims and non-Muslims looked to CAIR for guidance and support.
  • CAIR educates our community through its many lectures and workshops on how to deal with the media and elected officials.

We must support our institutions in order to be respected and well represented. CAIR has raised the standard of work not only for our community, but for all advocacy and civil rights groups. NOW is the time to show your support for CAIR. IT IS SIMPLE, the more members we have, the more effective CAIR can be in empowering American Muslims, defending civil liberties and portraying an accurate image of Islam.

For only $10 a year, you can become a CAIR member. Sign up today and become a part of the team. In addition to the Friday khutbah, you should encourage membership through your email lists or community newsletters.

Immediate Action Requested:

    1. Organize a membership drive after Friday prayers at your mosque or Islamic center. Set a goal of at least 100 new members if you are a large community. Small communities should sign up everyone as a member. Through a khutbah, discuss the above points.
    2. Join in the effort yourself. Become or renew your membership, and make sure to add your spouse as a member for only $10. Go to:
    3. Ask all your friends, relatives and colleagues to become members of CAIR.
    4. Make your Islamic center an “organizational member” of CAIR for $1,000 per year.
    5. A special thanks will go out on CAIR-Net for the Islamic Centers that sign up the most members.
    6. Down load the following membership form for mail-in (for those who do not have internet access) or contact us at 202-646-6043 or to receive actual envelopes.
    7. Please note: you do not have to be a US citizen or a Muslim to become a CAIR member or to donate.
    8. If you receive CAIR email, this does not mean you are a member! We urge those of you have been receiving our complimentary emails for all these years to be the first to become a member for only $10/year.