Mosques asked to remain open for Jumah

Mosques asked to remain open for Jumah

The American Muslim Political Coordination Council (AMPCC) is calling on Mosques and Islamic Centers to remain open this Friday for Jumah prayers. A number of mosques nationwide have announced plans to close their doors because of security concerns. (The AMPCC consists of American Muslim Alliance, American Muslim Council, Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Muslim Public Affairs Council.)

In its statement calling for Jumah prayers, the AMPCC said:

“The American Muslim Political Coordination Council (AMPCC), a coalition of national Muslim American organizations, has issued a call to all American Muslims, urging them to attend tomorrow the regular Friday congregational prayer. The leaders of AMPCC stressed that, in this time of national sorrow, Muslims should attend Friday prayer to pray for the victims of the terrorist act and for the nation.

“Dr. Maher Hathout, the chairman of AMPCC, stated that “we will not allow a few fanatics to intimidate Muslims from exercising their right as American citizens to pray.”

“AMPCC has also called upon John Ashcroft, the Attorney General of the United States, to provide to all Muslims attending Friday prayer the full protection of the law, and urges local law enforcement agencies to take all steps necessary to ensure their safety.”