Muslim Prayer Rituals Evidence of ‘Islamofascism’

Muslim Prayer Rituals Evidence of ‘Islamofascism’


Investor’s Business Daily

The latest appeasement comes courtesy of the Kansas City International Airport. PC-mad authorities there, supposedly on high alert for Islamic terrorists, have built a place of worship for Islamic taxi drivers.

The cabbies complained it was hard to wash their feet and other body parts before praying to Allah in the existing kaffir bathrooms. So the airport added four individual foot-washing benches, complete with knee-high faucets, drains and handrails, as first reported in WorldNetDaily.

What’s next, prayer-rug cleaning? Box-cutter dispensers?

“Will demands stop with this? Unfortunately, they will not,” laments Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer.

“This will encourage the cab drivers to behave in accord with Sharia (Islamic law) – as the Minneapolis cabbies have already begun doing with their refusal to transport people carrying alcohol.”

Most of the taxi drivers at the Minneapolis airport, as in Kansas City, practice Islam, which forbids alcohol. So many impose their will on passengers.

One parent recently was riding home from the Minneapolis airport with two children. After casually mentioning he had wine in his luggage, his Muslim driver summarily dumped him and his kids on the street in the dark of night.

If you think that’s bad, blind passengers can get the same treatment. Muslims also don’t like dogs, which Islam views as unclean.

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