NJ: Lautenberg Accused of Anti-Arab Racism

NJ: Lautenberg Accused of Anti-Arab Racism

NJ: Lautenberg Accused of Anti-Arab Racism

WASHINGTON — An Arab-American civil rights group yesterday accused Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) of making racist comments about Arabs during a New Jersey rally this week when he condemned the takeover of U.S. port operations by an United Arab Emirates-owned company.

Lautenberg denied the accusation, calling it a “bum rap.”

At a Port Newark rally on Monday, Lautenberg raised questions about homeland security risks involved in turning over port terminals in Newark and five other cities to Dubai Ports World.

“We wouldn’t transfer the title to the devil; we’re not going to transfer it to Dubai,” Lautenberg said.

The Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee said in a statement that it “values honest and fair debate, and fully supports all measures to keep our country safe.” But the group said Lautenberg’s “comparison of Dubai to the devil is unacceptable.”

“His comments compound paranoia, and outright racism in order to make otherwise unsubstantiated points,” said the group. The statement added that Lautenberg’s remarks are “part of a larger trend of bias rhetoric and backlash surrounding the debate over port security.” (MORE)


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