President Bush to appoint Daniel Pipes without a vote

President Bush to appoint Daniel Pipes without a vote

CAIR has learned that President Bush will issue a so-called “recess appointment” for Daniel Pipes to the board of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). A recess appointment allows the president to circumvent the normal approval process in the Senate.

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On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, CAIR, along with a number of Muslim, Arab-American, civil liberties, and interfaith groups, is asking all people of conscience to take part in a NATIONAL CALL-IN DAY by contacting the White House to protest this attempt to bypass the democratic process.

On THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, a news conference will be held in Washington, D.C., to ask the president not to issue the appointment. WHEN: THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 10 a.m. WHERE: National Press Club Building, 13th Floor, Lisagor Room, 529 14th Street N.W., Washington, D.C.

The president nominated Pipes to the board of directors of the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) in April, but his nomination has been stalled by concerns about Pipes’ bigoted anti-Muslim and pro-war views. The nomination has been opposed by the Washington Post, the Dallas Morning News, the Chicago Tribune, as well as many foreign policy scholars and Jewish peace groups.

“This back-door move by the president is a defeat for democracy and an affront to all those who seek peace,” said CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “Pipes’ appointment calls into question all of President Bush’s previous statements claiming that the war on terrorism is not an attack on Islam and shows distain for the democratic process.”

Pipes, who many Muslims regard as the nation’s leading Islamophobe, faced mounting criticism from American Muslims, Arab-Americans and interfaith groups because of his past inflammatory remarks about issues related to Islam, the Middle East and conflict resolution. Muslims say Pipes holds extremist anti-Islamic views and lacks the peace-making credentials necessary to be on the USIP board.

At a meeting in July of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, the body that would have taken the initial vote on the nomination, several senators expressed opposition to Pipes’ bigoted views. That meeting ended without a vote.

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTED: (As always, be POLITE and RESPECTFUL. Calls are best, followed by faxes and then e-mails.)

Take part in the NATIONAL CALL-IN DAY by contacting President Bush to ask that he withdraw the nomination of Daniel Pipes to the board of the United States Institute of Peace.


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