Ramadan Mubarak! Help CAIR Raise $1 Million During Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak! Help CAIR Raise $1 Million During Ramadan

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 10/15/04) – Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), CAIR today
announced a fundraising campaign intended (inshallah) to raise $1 million
during Ramadan, the month of giving. The “$1 Million for Islam in Ramadan”
campaign is a nationwide effort to help CAIR continue its important work on
behalf of American Muslims.

As Muslims worldwide begin their fast, we would like to remind ourselves
and our community that giving charity during this month holds a special
significance in Islamic teachings. Whether your donation is $20, $20,000,
or $200,000, every dollar that you donate today will be used to help
empower and protect the American Muslim community.

We succeeded in raising $1 million last Ramadan because most people donated
whatever they could. Now the need is even more critical. Remember, scholars
say your donations to CAIR count as one of the ways to pay Zakat.

TO DONATE, GO TO: http://www.cair-net.org/ramadan2004

A recent CAIR survey indicated that as many as 1-in-4 Americans holds
anti-Muslim views. This has to change! And with the help of Allah and your
generous donation, it will. (CAIR’s survey also demonstrated that bias
decreases when people have access to accurate information.)

Through our civil rights successes and continued community support, CAIR
has also become the primary source for national and international media
outlets seeking an Islamic perspective on issues of importance to Americans
of all faiths. Although we have had great success in the past, we now live
in a time that has become a defining moment for our future in America.

PAST DONATIONS helped CAIR achieve:

* More than 8,000 U.S. public libraries sponsored in CAIR’s Library Project
at the cost of $150 each
* CAIR’s “Not in the name of Islam” petition drive signed by more than
800,000 individuals and groups
* Thousands of American Muslims received free CAIR civil rights services
* The “Hate Hurts America” campaign designed to counter anti-Muslim hate on
talk radio
* CAIR television public service announcements (PSA) seen by millions
* Thousands of journalists given daily information on Islam and Muslims
through CAIR’s e-mail media list, ISLAM-INFONET

FUTURE PROJECTS that your donation may help support:

* Production of short videos/DVDs about Islam
* TV and radio advertisements on Islam in mainstream media
* Newspaper advertisements on issues of concern to Muslims
* Distribution of accurate and objective books about Islam and Muslims
* Production and distribution of guides on Muslim religious practices
* Open houses, iftars, media and congressional briefings, seminars,
workshops, and other outreach events
* Increasing the number of CAIR staff attorneys who defend Muslim civil rights
* Increasing the number of interns CAIR is able to train
* Staff dedicated to voter registration in all 29 CAIR offices

Your support is needed now more then ever as we continue to enhance
understanding of Islam and protect the constitutional rights that are
guaranteed to all Americans.


1) Join thousands of others and be part of this campaign! Help us achieve
our goal of $1 million by the end of Ramadan.

TO DONATE, GO TO: http://www.cair-net.org/ramadan2004

You may also call 202-488-8787 or e-mail: membership@cair-net.org

2) Invite all of your friends, family and colleagues to contribute through
our website during Ramadan.

3) Invite CAIR representatives to raise funds in your area.