Urge Senate to Include Anti-Profiling Protections in Immigration Reform Bill

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CAIR Action Alert #695:

Urge Senate to Include Anti-Profiling Protections in Immigration Reform Bill

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 5-16-13) — CAIR is urging voters to contact their representatives in the U.S. Senate to request that they include anti-profiling protections in the immigration reform bill (S. 744) currently under consideration in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  

CAIR action alert: Urge Senate to Include Anti-Profiling Protections in Immigration Reform Bill

Committee members have already introduced hundreds of amendments to the bill, some of which seek to add protections against law enforcement engaging in racial and religious profiling.

As reported in CAIR’s recent assessment of the Senate immigration bill, Section 3305 of the act prohibits the blanket use of race and ethnicity by federal law enforcement, but fails to prohibit profiling based on religion or national origin and includes troubling exemptions in cases of national security and border protection. 

While a few positive amendments have already been adopted, like Senator Richard Blumenthal’s (D-CT) amendment, which would prohibit the federal government from reimbursing state and local law enforcement agencies that engage in racial profiling and unlawful conduct, a number of conflicting racial and religious profiling amendments will be voted on in the next two weeks.

Contact the Senate Judiciary Committee

CAIR has provided a “click and send” letter addressed to the Senate Judiciary Committee for voters who want to demand an end to racial and religious profiling by law enforcement. CAIR’s sign-on letter supports favorable amendments to the Senate immigration bill that seek to ban law enforcement profiling and opposes amendments that would seek to write such practices into law.

CAIR’s letter supports Senator Mazie Hirono’s (D-HI) amendment (Hinro19) that would prohibit Federal officers from using religion or national origin in making law enforcement decisions. The amendment also bans open-ended loopholes that permit profiling at the border and for reasons of national security.

CAIR’s letter also supports Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Chris Coons’ (D-DE) amendments, Blumenthal 8 and Coons 13, which would restrict Customs and Border Protection (CBP) from conducting enforcement at places of worship, schools, and other sensitive community locations.

CAIR’s letter opposes Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) amendment (Sessions 39), which would allow federal law enforcement to engage in racial and ethnic profiling, and Senator Grassley’s (R-IA) amendment (Grassley 49), which would permit federal agents to profile on the basis of nation origin.

For more information, contact CAIR Government Affairs Manager Robert McCaw, Tel: 202-742-6448, rmccaw@cair.com or CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726, ihooper@cair.com