It is time to register for the upcoming Islamic Social Services Association Conference. The sixth annual conference theme is: “Islamic Social Services: Challenges and Opportunities.” The keynote speakers for this year’s conference are Abdul Malik Mujahid of Soundvision, Chicago, Illinois and Imam Siraj Wahajj of Masjid at Taqwa, Brooklyn, New York.

Session topics are expected to include counseling in the Muslim community, cultural competency with Indians and Pakistanis, research on Muslim opinions regarding the delivery of social services, mental health issues among Muslim refugees, addressing hunger among low income Muslims, The Faith Based Initiative as a funding resource for programs to serve the Muslims, research regarding Islamic Identity among Young American Muslims, social services with African American Muslims, and ways Imams can address issues of domestic violence as well as promote Islamically-sensitive social services.

Conference participants are expected to include students interested in careers in human services, volunteers, imams and other religious leaders, social workers and other human service professionals dedicated to helping to address the social service and mental health concerns of Muslims in North America.

WHEN: Friday June 17-Sunday June 19

WHERE: Tempe, Arizona To register go to the ISSA website at To become a supporter/sponsor or for more information, please contact us at or 1-888-415-9920.


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