The movie Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West, whose trailer is below, was delivered with your Orlando Sentinel newspaper this AM. And, it is my understanding, the DVD was delivered to households receiving other newspapers around the country today as well. True?

Apparently, Parade Magazine isn’t conservative enough for some folks. But hey, they paid to package it with our paper, so glad to be of service! Did the check clear?

Anyhoo, didya watch it? Check out the trailer if you have any questions about what it’s about, and those who endorse it. Lots of Fox and Limbaugh plugs for it in that trailer. They’re in lock step over its virtues. It’s two-to-three years old, and the reason it’s being shipped out to newspaper readers across America? Scaring the scareable before an election, apparently. Michael Moore’s giving away his latest film on the Internet to do the same thing, but Obsession at least helps a paper’s bottom line. More power to’em.

I’ve seen the Obsession before, but I checked it out again this AM before heading out for a day on the water. It’s an alarmist manifesto about what the producers and their unnamed Brit narrator go to pains to label as the threat from “radical Islam.” The points seem solid, the massive amounts of video from TV programming all over the Middle East, from Lebanon to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, is damning. For years (much of the TV news footage from the Middle East, the Imam “death to America” sermons, is over 5 years old, not that things have changed much since) Arab governments all over the Middle East have stood by while their airwaves, their mosques and websites bubbled with anti-Americanism and antisemitism.

Experts, from Middle Eastern journalists such as Khalid Abu Toameh (described as a Palestinian journalist…they don’t say he’s with The Jersualem Post, which says volumes) to A British historian and Churchill biographer Sir Martin Gilbert to Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch (that’s a good idea for a think tank–monitoring TV and radio for this sort of naked evidence of “how they feel about us”) to conservative academic Daniel Pipes to journo Caroline Glick and Steve Emerson of something called The Investigative Project rail against the Islam-fascism that now confronts the West, and the ways it parallels (in their minds) the 1930s and the world’s slow-to-act take on Nazi Germany.

The experts vary widely in credibility and seem selected because of their willingness to say what the movie wants them to say. It’s a mildly scary film, but one utterly lacking in context. (MORE)


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