A federal magistrate judge in Mobile on Friday ordered an alleged international con man jailed until fraud charges against him are resolved.

Mohammed Agbareia, 40, pleaded innocent to conspiracy and wire fraud charges stemming from allegations that he tried to bilk a mosque in Mobile out of $1,500 in 2004.

Assistant Federal Defender Chris Knight said authorities have informed him that Agbareia provided investigators a full, videotaped confession. He suggested a plea bargain is likely. . .

Agbareia has been a primary target of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for more than a decade, and following his extradition to the United States last week, the Washington-based organization sent out an “action alert” seeking assistance from Muslims worldwide.

“We’re happy that he will finally have his day in court so that those he allegedly defrauded can come forward,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for CAIR.

Hooper said several folks already have offered stories of their own dealings with Agbareia.


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