Hoover met its newest neighbor Saturday and found they had a lot in common.

About 200 people, including Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos, attended Saturday’s open house at the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center.

The mosque, or masjed, recently opened in a former church.

Members of the Birmingham Islamic Society explained the basic beliefs of Islam and noted that the world’s second-largest religion has much in common with Christianity and Judiasm.

“We are all descended from Adam and Eve,” said the center’s imam, Raed Awad. “Our God is the same God, who created all of us. He sent us Moses, Jesus and Muhammad with the same message: We should all come together for all humanity and work for the betterment of humanity. We may not agree on all theology, but we can respect each other.”

Petelos said the new mosque demonstrated the level of diversity in the city.

“Hoover is very rich with people of different religions, cultures and ethnic backgrounds,” said Petelos, the son of Greek immigrants. “This is a positive for our community.” (MORE)


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