Last year, the Bikes or Bust fundraiser at Bob Jones High School managed to net $1,500 in less than one a week to buy 31 bicycles. That was last year.

This year again in only one week, students raised $4,296.77.

Stephenie Peterson’s English students carried on the tradition. Many students “remember my seniors from last year who raised money for Bikes or Bust,” Peterson said. “My seniors this year came into my class excited about the project and they have not let me down yet. I’m very proud of them.”

Students will buy bicycles at Wal-Mart in Madison. The bicycles are taken to WZYP FM-104.3, which is promoting the Bikes or Bust fundraiser. The station delivers the bicycles to Toys for Tots for distribution to Tennessee Valley children in need.

During fundraising, Peterson’s students applied a ‘$2 strategy.’ They reminded classmates what they could buy with $2: a school lunch, a fast-food snack, two canned sodas, three packs of gum, two candy bars “or $2 to help buy a child a bike,” Peterson said. Students challenged all first-block classes to try and raise $50 to apply toward purchasing a new bicycle. Students canvassed about 90 homeroom classes to request donations. “Most classes participated,” Peterson said. “It was amazing to watch the kids get so excited about the project.” . . .

Noor Khazendar, 17, “was the brainchild of the project,” Peterson said. “I decided to help Bikes or Bust because everyone remembers how it feels to ride their first bike. I know I remember (mine). Riding it meant the world to me.” Pedaling without a parent’s helping boost is “a memory that you just don’t forget.”

“I’m a Muslim and I remember when I took charge of this project it was during the month of Ramadan where Muslims do good deeds and give money to the poor,” Noor said. She new Bikes or Bust “gave back to the less fortunate in our community. My family and I are all about helping others.”

When a child receives a bicycle from Bob Jones teenagers, “I think they well treasure the moment,” Noor said. “I think they will feel blessed to know there are people who care in this world and are willing to help.” (MORE)


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