(Washington, D.C., 8/3/2008) – Constructed around the standup routines of three of the nation’s most celebrated Muslim comedians, Allah Made Me Funny spearheads the newest generation of comedy that is quintessentially American. Whether it’s inviting the audience to write the joke on airport security themselves, or sheepishly admitting that four wives would be three too many, the trio gets the audience laughing so hard, they’re neither afraid nor offended.

Standing on the shoulders of great comedians like Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld, who opened up worlds of American life to brand new audiences, Azhar Usman, Mohammad Amer and Preacher Moss will take you on a hilarious journey through an America that many people never see. The film was produced by Unity Productions Foundation.

WHAT: Allah Made Me Funny theatrical premiere

WHEN: Friday, October 3, 2008

WHERE: Select Landmark theaters across the U.S. For more details visit www.allahmademefunny.com

Unity Productions Foundation is a nonprofit production company whose mission is to develop balanced, fair and accurate journalistic material concerning the world’s cultural and spiritual traditions in order to help increase understanding and tolerance. UPF’s first project, Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, aired nationally on PBS on December 18, 2002 and was awarded a 2004 Cine Award for Best Professional Documentary in its category. Other productions include: Prince Among Slaves, Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain, Talking Through Walls and On a Wing and a Prayer

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