An alleged Egyptian-Canadian spy told Egyptian interrogators he recruited several gay or financially strapped Arabs while living in Canada to work for Israel’s intelligence agency, media said Thursday.

A transcript of Mohamed Essam Ghoneim El-Attar’s interrogation, viewed by The Globe and Mail newspaper, alleged he is a gay Zionist who turned his back on Islam and worked with Mossad to undermine the security of his homeland.

The interrogation session took place last month at an unknown location in Egypt, the Toronto-based newspaper said.

El-Attar’s dossier says he admitted to using his position as a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce teller in Toronto to identify potential recruits, and that he had married and divorced at least four times while living here.

The file further alleges El-Attar, 31, was under surveillance by Egypt’s intelligence service since early 2002 when he left Cairo for Turkey after a family spat, and later moved to Canada.

El-Attar confessed he went to the Israeli embassy in Ankara in search of work, was put through a series of tests, was advised to convert to Christianity and was later schooled by Roman Catholics in Turkey.

He cited his new religion and homosexuality in applying for United Nations refugee status, which eventually landed him in Canada.

El-Attar was arrested in Cairo on January 1, during a visit with his family, on charges of bribery, espionage and conspiring to “harm Egypt’s national interests.”

Israeli Security Minister Avi Dichter said the allegations were “nonsense” during a recent visit to Canada.


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