A former civilian employee of a military arsenal in New Jersey has been indicted by the federal government for allegedly conspiring to pass U.S. military secrets to the Israeli government more than 20 years ago.

According to court documents, Ben Ami Kadish allegedly spied for Israel from 1979-1985 and provided an official from the Israeli consulate in New York with U.S. national defense information, including restricted nuclear weapons data, classified jet fighter weapons system data and key information on the Patriot missile system.

Government sources say Kadish’s Israeli handler is also the same man who handled convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

After Pollard, a former naval analyst, was exposed to be spying for Israel, the handler left the United States and Kadish went underground. Pollard was sentenced to life in prison and is incarcerated at a federal prison in North Carolina.

Kadish allegedly kept in contact with his Israeli handler until last month, when the handler, who is only identified as “Co-conspirator 1” in court documents, allegedly instructed Kadish to lie to U.S. investigators in the case. (MORE)


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