The National Arab American Journalists Association (NAAJA), the nation’s largest professional union of Arab and Muslim American journalists, today placed Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage and his nationally syndicated program “The Savage Nation” on the “Media Watch List” ( ) because of his consistent use of anti-Muslim rhetoric that crosses the line of professional conduct.

NAAJA, with more than 280 members, support the protest organized by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which is urging advertisers to drop their ads from Savage’s program.

NAAJA has sent a letter to Michael Savage asking for a response to the charges. If he responds, his response will publish it on the NAAJA web site along with the MEDIA WATCH COMPLAINT.

NAAJA MEDIA WATCH is an effort to identify instances of inappropriate and unprofessional journalism, and journalism misconduct as it relates to Arab Americans, Arabs, Muslims and all minorities. The issue is not the political views held by journalists or reporters but rather the excesses they use. Public debate should be completely open, but it should not include racist or discriminatory remarks, or attempt to demean any racial, ethnic or religious group.

We urge our members to support the CAIR Boycott of “The Savage Nation” and to join in writing letters of protest to advertisers on the program. And we urge them to elevate this discussion to a national debate in their publications and writings.

There are more than 80 Arab American and Muslim Newspapers and Magazines, and more than two dozen radio and cable TV programs across the United States.


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