Local members of the Muslim community got the opportunity to voice their concerns and have a dialogue with FBI officials at the Kingman mosque Tuesday night.

Dr. Farid Farooqi, the imam of Masjid-E-Ibrahim, welcomed the head of all FBI operations in Arizona, John E. Lewis, to help open communication between the two groups.

“We highly appreciate their efforts,” Farooqi said. “Now the distance (between communication) is reduced.”

Farooqi said he felt the night went well. He invited Lewis and two accompanying agents to share a meal with Muslim community members.

The evening began with Farooqi providing an explanation of Islam and the beliefs of its members. He said the Islamic faith is based upon a total submission to God and establishing a means of peace on earth.

“Islam is the religion of peace,” Farooqi said. “Muslims are the people of peace.”

Lewis followed Farooqi, explaining the FBI to the more than 20 community leaders present to help dispel misconceptions about his organization.


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