About 40 protesters gathered Wednesday night at Cal Poly to oppose a controversial documentary film and speaker who claims the Islamic religion is rooted in violence.

The film “Islam: What the West Needs to Know,” directed by Greg Davis, claims that Islam uses violence to try to quash “other faiths, cultures and systems of government,” according to the film’s Web site.

Protesters said the film and filmmaker aim to create fear and divisions through misinformation.

“The program’s promoters are scared and ignorant people whose fear has soured their view of the world,” said San Luis Obispo resident Dr. Rushdi Abdul Cader, who attended the talk and protest. “If a Muslim were to say to them, ‘I’m having a Christian friend for lunch,’ they would likely believe the Christian was the appetizer.”

Davis, who holds a doctorate in political science from Stanford, introduced the film and answered questions from the audience.

“Islam is at the heart of the danger we’re facing in this country,” Davis told a crowd of about 80. (READ MORE)


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