Police in Antioch say they are focusing on some “persons of interest” to solve last month’s arson at a local mosque, which is being investigated as a hate crime.

While local Muslims are using a temporary mosque to pray, investigators told KCBS they are zoning in on who they believe started the fire at the Islamic Center of the East Bay.

“A reasonable person would assume it’s related to their religion and world politics going on,” said Antioch Police Chief Jim Hyde. “The important thing is all the law enforcement partners have dealt with this as though it’s a hate crime from the beginning, which allows us to focus on other areas of investigation. Instead of being a one-dimensional investigation it’s multi-dimensional. I think that’s really important from the standpoint of the victims and also for our community.”

Hyde has experience with hate crimes. He was working in Sacramento when white supremacists burned down synagogues there.


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