The 24-year-old speaking by telephone from Damascus weeps softly.

There’s not one thing that she misses about her father, she says. It’s a lifetime of memories.

Her uncle, Khalid Al-Faris is also on the line from Brea on this conference call, helping translate one of the harshest memories that his niece has of her father and his younger brother.

Two years ago this week, in a predawn raid, about 20 men with machine guns wearing Iraqi Ministry of Interior uniforms stormed into Al-Faris’ relatives’ home in northern Baghdad’s Adhamiya district – a Sunni neighborhood.

They took his brother, Basil Al-Faris, while his terrified niece pleaded with them to make sure he gets his blood pressure medication.

Basil Al-Faris, a surveying engineer who according to his relatives also was imprisoned and tortured by Saddam Hussein for refusing to join the Baath Party in the early 1970s, has not been heard from since.

No ransom note. No sign of the body at morgues. No Iraqi government or U.S. Embassy in Baghdad officials have been able to help locate him, the missing man’s daughter and his brother said.


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