A free Muslim-operated health-care clinic here has been recognized for bridging the health-care gap.

The nonprofit Institute for Social Policy and Understanding chose Al-Shifa Clinic at 2034 Mallory St. as one of 10 clinics in four United States cities with a large Muslim-American population that are making a difference.

Al-Shifa, which means “the healing” in Arabic, provides medical, dental and eye-care services. The clinic operates four days a week and serves mostly Latinos and blacks.

The institute works to increase understanding of key policy issues and how they impact various communities.

The 10 selected clinics were in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston and Chicago.

“One of the things that interested me about Al-Shifa was the different ways which Islam was manifested,” said Lance Laird, institute fellow and adjacent assistance professor of pediatrics at the Boston University School of Medicine.

“Al-Shifa serves on the ground of a mosque, yet were very specific about saying ‘we don’t mention Islam.’ And saying ‘we’re here to serve,’ yet all of their volunteers are Muslim and their board is Muslim.”

Laird said the study attempted to document what Muslims are doing in their communities.


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