A Diamond Bar man is being held in a secretive federal prison and his family believes he was targeted for investigation by authorities because of his faith.

Seyed Mousavi, 51, was convicted of filing false tax returns, omitting information on naturalization forms and violating an economic embargo against Iran, officials said. He is being held in a Communication Management Unit (CMU) in Indiana and is largely isolated from his family and friends.

“This prosecution was a travesty,” said Ron Kaye, an attorney representing Mousavi. “I think he’s innocent of virtually every charge.”

Despite a recent speech at Cairo University that was well-received by U.S. Muslims, local Muslim Americans like the Mousavi family said much damage has been done at home by tactics used by the FBI, which included sending spies into mosques.

“I just felt betrayed by my country,” said Mousavi’s daughter, Zeinab, 26. “My dad’s been a good citizen and he’s helped society a lot.”

Craig Monteilh, 46, of Irvine, said he infiltrated nearly a dozen area mosques as an informant for the FBI, and that his activities led to Seyed Mousavi’s arrest…

Mousavi’s arrest, and current detention at the CMU in Terre Haute, Ind., have sparked an outcry in the local Muslim community. They believe they were targeted because of their faith. (More)


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