NEWARK — Speakers from Al-Jazeera and other Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian news outlets will be in Newark on Saturday for the launch of Global Forum TV, a network created by a Newark-based Muslim group.

The American Muslim Alliance launched the network to give Muslims a voice in the public debate about civil liberties, war, human rights and other issues, said the forum’s host, Agha Saeed.

“This is a time when people need to hear all the sides of the story, such as the situation of U.S. Muslims,” said Saeed, national chairman of the organization and a communications instructor at California State University, East Bay.

The forum will begin at 5 p.m. at Mehran Restaurant, 5774 Mowry School Road. A $20 fee includes dinner. The event was organized as a response to the explosion of TV channels in heavily Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Saeed said.


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