FREMONT ”” Think it’s hard finding a mate to settle down with? For Muslim immigrants looking for a traditional marriage arrangement, the considerations go way beyond whether a potential spouse likes country music or hip-hop. In Pakistan, as in other Muslim countries, families play an important role throughout the marriage process. Typically, parents find spouses for their children. A boy’s mother usually will contact a girl’s family to arrange a meeting for a potential couple. In determining whether two people are a good match, families often take into account caste, ethnicity, native province and religious sect. But as Islamic practices continue to evolve in American culture, some Pakistani Muslims are turning to matchmaking services as a way to maintain some resemblance to traditional marriage arrangements. Firdous Kamran, a Pakistani-born woman who has lived in Fremont on and off for more than two decades, knows all about it. She is a 5-foot-2 Kashmiri who describes herself as a moderate Sunni Muslim. Her hobbies include reading, social work and writing short stories. She is an Aries who has been married since 1973. She is also the founder of Family Connections, a matchmaking matrimonial service for Pakistani Muslims living in North America. (MORE)


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